Friday, August 8, 2008

It's been too long

Once again I apologize for not posting sooner. Last week was one crazy week. James went to the clinic on Wednesday and then a very bad reaction to the chemo on Thursday. So bad that he wouldn't walk around. I called the clinic and they took note of everything. It is possible that they will have to adjust his chemo next time. Please pray that he won't have the same side effects again next month because it is never good to cut the chemo. By Friday he was a little better and he seemed to be a little more comfortable walking around. Saturday and Sunday were manageable and we were glad to give him his last does of steroids on Sunday night. This week has shaped up to be a much better week. He rebounded pretty quickly from the steroids and has been more like himself.

As always we felt your prayers during the last week even if you didn't know specifically what to pray for. I promised to post some pictures from our time in TN so here they are.....


stephanie said...

i love seeing all those precious baby cousins together! i bet it's a hoot to see them in action!!

Anonymous said...

What cute kids we all make!!! See you in a couple of weeks!!! Can't wait!!
Mary Beth