Monday, December 29, 2008

Quick Update

Just wanted to let you know we got back from Vanderbilt and James' counts looked good. They think his eardrum could have ruptured thus causing a fever. They gave him IV antibiotics and sent us on our way. If his fever spikes to higher than 101 we have to make another trip back. After James' nap this afternoon his fever is down(thanks to Tylenol). Please pray that he would feel better and no more fevers for the remainder of our trip.

Going to Vanderbilt

Just wanted to give you a quick update to pray-We are heading to Vanderbilt because James has a fever. He woke up this morning at 3:30am and hasn't been back to sleep. He is complaining of his ear hurting and can't seem to get comfortable. We called MDA and they advised us to go in and get blood work done. Please pray he is not neutropenic-we don't want to have to stay in the hospital. We will keep you updated.

Friday, December 26, 2008

In Tennessee...

First of all I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas! We made it to TN on Wednesday around noon. We decided that we would fly because back in October I found a good deal. The plane ride was certainly eventful. I had talked to my mom earlier that morning and the weather was overcast and very windy. We took off no problem but 30 minutes out of Nashville we hit some major turbulence. As a result James started throwing up. It was quite a scene, everyone close to use was passing bag their paper bags. Adrianne, on the other hand, thought is was a roller coaster ride and she was having a great time. Thank goodness Greg doesn't get motion sickness and he was able to take care of James. I wasn't doing so well thinking I was going to be sick too.

We get to my parents house and James gets sick again so we decide to take his temperature and you guessed it-he had fever! We called MDA and Dr Wells was the doctor on call! Since James wasn't acting like he felt bad(i.e. playing with his cousin) we could monitor him from home. Yesterday morning he woke up feeling great and no fever. Praise God! Please continue to pray for James-no infection, no fever!

James is having a great time with his cousins and Santa Claus was good to him. Thank you for your continued prayer an support!
These were presents they got from their Granny and Grandad before we left! James actually got the red one and Adrianne the pink one!
Christmas morning.....

Friday, December 19, 2008

Update from the clinic

Yesterday was our clinic visit and it went rather smoothly. They got James into his procedure fairly quickly which was great since he couldn't have anything to eat or drink. He had finished his 10 day round of antibiotic for his ear and when the doctor looked yesterday his right ear was still red. he decided to put him on Augmenton, which is a little stronger than amoxicillian. His counts came back OK, his hemoglobin and platelets were fine but his ANC was 1100. To me the ANC is a little borderline and given we are going out of town, we are going to play it safe and not attend church this weekend and the Christmas Eve service. That recommendation came from the nurse practitioner as well. James has a cough and I don't want it to go any further! Please continue to pray that he will be free from infection, that he will remain well during our trip and have no hospital visits! Also pray for us now because we are on the 2nd day of steroids!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

James' Christmas party

James had his Christmas party today at Sonkids....This is what he had on before we left for school. At our house we haven't begun the potty training process but at school they let James sit and the potty and go. The last 2 times he has had an accident on his clothes while going to the potty so this is what he looked like when I got to his school.
Oh well, the bright yellow Nike shirt will be a part of our first Christmas pictures at school:) James had a great time at the party and I wanted to share some pictures with you...

Monday, December 15, 2008

Tis the season....

We continue to get excited about Christmas around the Ryan house. James is doing much better with his sleeping(thanks for your prayers) and he has almost completed his 10 days of antibiotic. His Christmas party at school is Wednesday and he will start steroids that day too. We will head to MDA on Thursday for his spinal tap with chemo, chemo through his port, antibiotic through his port, and continue with steroids and his daily dose of chemo. I am thankful that the steroids fall before Christmas so that they should be out of his system by the time we go to TN. Please continue to pray for his health. He has now developed a cough I think due to the drastic changes in our weather. Thank you so much for your continued faithfulness and support. Here are some pictures before church. If you wonder why they are off centered and not posed-its because my kids are the most uncooperative when it comes to taking their pictures.

I think Greg put in an earlier post about prayer time with James. Every time we start to pray he starts immediately saying "Get outta here kemia". So I have decided that this statement is going to be The Ryan family motto...

Get outta here leukemia,

Greg, Joy, James, and Adrianne

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Checking in

It has been a full week since I have post so I wanted to let you know the latest on James. Since we have been home from the hospital and the clinic last week James has been more himself. he went back to school on Monday and had a great day. One thing that seems to be a reoccurring problem is his sleep pattern. Friday night and Sunday night he woke up screaming at 12am and would not go back to sleep in his bed. Greg and I decided to bring him to our room and it took him 30 minutes to get settled and go back to sleep. He continued to wake up every 2 hours and it would be another 30 minutes to get back to sleep.

Needless to say, Greg and I are exhausted and puzzled at what is causing this. This kind of behavior is expected with steroids but he doesn't start steroids until next week. Anyway when I got him on Sunday night, he was complaining that his ears were hurting. So Monday after school I took him to our pediatrician. He had a slight ear infection and Dr. Tony started him on antibiotics. Last night was some better, he woke up at 4:30 before he came and got in our bed.

Please pray that this will resolve itself. I also ask for prayers for next week. On Thursday(18th) we will head to the clinic for his LP with chemo, vincristine, and his antibiotic plus he will be starting steroids. Thank you for your continued prayer and support.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Back from the clinic

Today we headed to the clinic for a follow up visit after our stay in the hospital over the weekend. They drew his blood and everything came back great. His hemoglobin was up over 11 and his ANC was 3500. That means we get to go back on chemo. I know the chemo is keeping leukemia from coming back but it was sure nice to have a few nights off where we didn't have to worry if he ate or drank milk before bedtime. James will be all set to start back school on Monday and get back to our routine. Please pray that he is protected from any viruses or infections. Also please begin to pray for Christmas. We are going to TN for 8 days and we really want to stay out of the hospital! Thank you!

Monday, December 1, 2008

We're Home

Just wanted to let you all know that we got home last night. James was a champ throughout the entire hospital stay. He had to have a transfusion that lasted 4 hours and he never once tried to get out of bed. We follow up on Wednesday with his doctor and they will do more blood work. Thank you all for your prayers!