Friday, May 29, 2009

Bucket head

James and Adrianne are having so much fun with their cousins Taylor and Maddie. Their cousins, Reid and Marks, come in tomorrow night. Why you ask? James turns 3 on Monday and they are all coming to celebrate. I will post more pics when the second wave comes in!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

James' last day at school

James had a great last day of school. His sister got to join the class for lunch and she thought she was big time. Thank you Ms Lisa and Ms Shelley for a wonderful year.

I have a prayer request-Lately it has been a fight when it comes to medicine especially on Wednesday nights when he has to take methotrexate. Methotrexate is extremely important to his treatment protocol. Tonight was no different where I had to force him to take it and try to keep him from spitting it out. It is extremely upsetting to me and him. He went to bed crying and I was frustrated. Everyone is calm now and he is probably already asleep. Please pray for us--that I will be patient and that he will take his medicine. Thank you.

An ER visit

That is what we had last night. For a couple of days, James has had a cough and runny nose. We were giving him Claritin to help with the allergies but yesterday afternoon he felt warm so I took his temperature. It went from 99.5 to 100.7 so I called MDA. It was after hours so I had to call the pediatric floor. In light of the temp, cough, and runny nose, the doctors wanted to see him. So around 6pm, I loaded both kids up, dropped off Adrianne with Aunt Steph at the ballpark, picked up Greg from his office and headed down there. When we got there, the place was a zoo. They were jam packed and so was the pediatric floor. After waiting an hour and half we got a room and they drew James' blood. Of course when we got to the ER his temp was normal! His blood work came back great and they sent us home. They swabbed him for several viruses so we will see. He is doing great today-no fever-and he wanted to go for his last day of school.

They don't want us to follow up unless he gets worse and his next appt. is in a couple of weeks. Please pray for his continued health. Thank you.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Summer is on its way!

Some fun pics I wanted to share with you. James is nearing the end of school and we are gearing up for summer. We got pool passes this year so we are excited for summer. His next clinic visit is in a couple of weeks and he will have a lumbar puncture along with his other medicines. Thanks for checking in!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Clinic Update

Wednesday was our clinic day and thankfully it was uneventful. James got his blood work done, saw the doctor, and got his chemo. His counts came back great-ANC 2000! James started steroids on Wednesday as well and so far so good. He is battling allergies so the doctor recommended Claritin-another med to add to the mix!

We are also finishing a 10 day course of peroxide drops in his left year. When I took him for his followup with the ENT about his tubes-the left one was blocked. So please pray that when we go back on the 21st that the tube would be working again. Thankfully James hasn't complained of any ear pain.

Things are going good right now-James and Adrianne are growing up and I am trying to get through the day without throwing up! Please pray that the nausea will so subside and I will feel more like myself. Also pray for James that we get through the weekend with little to no side effects from the steroids!

Thanks again!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Lazy Saturday

I had to get a picture of this. It is rare that they will sit together and not fight! They are both interested in Dora!