Sunday, November 30, 2008

Transfusion Awaits

Well, we got a decent night's sleep with minimal interruption from the staff. Yet, it is quite interesting sharing a twin size bed with a child that moves around like the Tasmanian Devil! We received great news from the doctors this morning. They believe that we will likely go home this evening instead of tomorrow afternoon. James has been quite active and his white cell counts have improved. However, his red cell counts are still low requiring a 4-hour transfusion this early afternoon. James usually has a burst of energy and feels rejuvenated after a transfusion. It's perfect that this coincides with his nap (and that they give him Benadryl before!). We look forward to returning home, seeing Adrianne, and getting back to our "normal life." Thank you for praying for James' bottom and his ultimate healing. Each night we pray, "God, we ask for healing and say, 'Get out of here Leukemia!'"

Saturday, November 29, 2008

A Quick update

Just wanted to let you know what is going to be happening over the next few days. The doctor came in and said that they would be giving James a medicine that boosts his white blood cells. He also said that his hemoglobin is borderline so they will wait until tomorrow's blood work to see if he needs a transfusion. James is also starting an anti fungal medication by mouth to try to get rid of the diaper rash. So we will be here today and tomorrow with the possibility of going home Monday morning. Thank you for your prayers.

In the Hospital

Last night after we came in and they did his blood work they decided to keep us. James' ANC went from 5000 to 500 which means he is neutropenic. His bottom is now at the point of bleeding when we change it but we haven't had any fever since being here. They have given his 2 doses of antibiotic just to be safe but all the doctors that have seen him things that it is viral. Depending on what the attending says today we may get to go home this afternoon. We will see! Please continue to pray for James-especially for his bottom!

Friday, November 28, 2008

In the ER

Yes that's right. We are at MDA right now at 9:55pm. James has had diarrhea all day long and his bottom is getting worse and worse. I thought he felt warm so I took his temperature and he had 101.2. They had us come here and we are waiting for him to get accessed so they can get his blood count. When they took his temperature here he didn't have any(of course:)

Please continue to pray for his bottom and that the diarrhea would stop. It is starting to look as bad as it did when we had so much trouble last year.

Happy Thanksgiving

We had a great time yesterday with Granny and Grandad and all the family. I wasn't very good about taking pictures but James and Adrianne had a blast.
Unfortunately James is battling something again. He had diarrhea 5 or 6 times yesterday and as a result his bottom is raw. Also this morning he got up with a cough and runny nose. I want to scream "Does it ever end?" I guess I know the answer to that question but it doesn't make it any less frustrating. Please pray for us as we manage whatever it is that he has picked up. Greg commented this morning at 6am when James woke up with poop-"Something always happens on a holiday." We will keep pressing on!
Hope your turkey day was great!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Gobble, Gobble, Gobble

Today James had his Thanksgiving feast at school. Everybody looked so cute and he had a great time.

Adrianne enjoying the festivities too!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Steroids, steroids, steroids

Can you believe it-it's that time again. James started steroids Wednesday and it wasn't to long in the dose that we started seeing the effects. Thursday morning James woke up at 3:45 am and this morning he woke up at 4:30 am. We have had bouts of crying on and off all morning long and he is distressed that he can't have milk. The virus that I wrote about a week or so ago has come back. He has had diarrhea for several days and that has resulted in a raw bottom. The doctors want him to stay off dairy until the diarrhea subsides. So we go back and forth constantly about him not being able to have milk. We really covet your prayers right now. Every day brings new battles. Every day is a constant reminder that he has this disease. I thought that by a year or so into treatment that this would get easier-but I have to say it is still heartbreaking and devastating. So we ask for your prayers as we walk this road and continue to press on.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Joy is Awesome

I wanted to take a moment to tell you how awesome my wife is. She spends her days juggling:
  • being a full-time graduate student (studying, writing papers, reading),
  • entertaining and enriching the lives of our two young children (reading the same book 5,000 times per day to Adrianne, reading with James, playing, holding, helping nurse hurts, a little tv ;-),
  • daily managing our finances,
  • managing James' daily/weekly/monthly chemotherapy as well as the majority of his hospital visits and all correspondence with his medical team,
  • keeping our house picked up (she has a hard time believing this, but our babysitter commented that our house is almost always picked up),
  • training several days per week for the Houston Half-Marathon, and
  • always seeming to have a smile, hug, and kiss for me when I get home

I am certain that I am leaving some important aspect of Joy's many roles out the picture. The main point is that Joy is tremendous in her ability to manage so much. I am hopeful that she is able to focus more on what she is doing well (majority) rather than what she feels she is falling short of (minority). After looking at her many roles, I think that most would wonder, "What does Greg do?" I know that I can always encourage more, complain less, offer a helping hand when possible, and know that I am richly blessed by the wonderful woman God has given me. Joy is awesome!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A bunch of stuff!

I am going to stop apologizing every time I am on here for how long its been. That is the nature of our life right now. There is hardly a moment to get laundry done, prepare their meals, pay the bills, do schoolwork, etc.... But I did want to share what's been going on the last few weeks.

James continues to thrive in school. He absolutely loves his teachers and his classmates. He didn't get to go to school today because he has a virus. It's hard for me to remember that his immune system is still compromised even though his counts look good and he looks "normal." But, all in all, he is doing great and testing the limits more and more everyday!!! Here are a couple of pictures of James and Adrianne before church.

Greg and I had the opportunity to go to New Orleans with friends this weekend and let me tell you it was glorious! Eating, sleeping ,and relaxing-that was our weekend. We are so thankful to my mom who came out here and kept the kids and to everybody who helped her out.

Please pray for James as he goes to clinic next week and begins steroids. Continue to pray that his body would be free from infections and that he would get over this virus soon! Thank you!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Halloween

Here are some pictures from our night. Abigail, our neighbor, came over to trick or treat with us. Our kids are at the age where it is almost impossible for them to sit still while I take a picture. Enjoy!