Saturday, March 29, 2008

We tried

Well tonight was going to mark the return to church for the Ryan family. We went back and forth of what service to attend. We decided the 6:00 was too early because we would have to eat first and then take chemo after the service and most likely he would be hungry. So we opted for the 7:30 service knowing full well both our kids would be tired. We tried to be preemptive-baths before going, jammies in the car as well as chemo. Our plan was to change them in the parking lot when the service was over give chemo and then home to bed.We got to church in plenty of time to see all the new buildings and where would would take each child. We took James to class and he went right in and was ready to play. Greg and I thought this is easy-he transitioned well. Wrong! About mid way through the service our pager went off. When I got to the preschool building and was walking towards his room I could hear the sobs. When I got to him he was upset and was told he had thrown up. He had worked himself up so much that he started coughing and got sick. I text Greg and he came out and we got Adrianne(who was crying) and headed home. We realized we had pushed them to hard since they are usually in bed by 7:45. So needless to say Saturday night church won't be for us until our kids get a little older.

Oh well we will try again next week on Sunday morning!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Clinic news

Today we had our trip to the clinic. It was one of our faster times-we were in and out in a couple of hours. They had to call me later in the day to give me his counts. I was a little nervous of what they might be because we had been around lots of people. Lisa called and said everything looked great-hemoglobin, platelets, white blood cells, ANC, even his liver enzymes are going back down. So we are doing the same things at home and will return in a couple of weeks and James will start his second cycle of Maintenance. Every cycle last for 84 days and then starts over. This means he will have an LP, vincristine, and start steroids next visit. Please be praying for us as we slowly work ourselves back into life. Please continue to pray that he will have minimal side effects from the chemo. It is always a guessing game when he is whiny. I never know if he feels bad or he is being a two year old!

Adrianne and James with their movies from their Easter baskets.

Pictures from the rest of our trip

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Back in Texas

We got back yesterday from a wonderful trip seeing friends and family. James and Adrianne did great going and coming home on the plane. James had an awesome time with his cousins and his Nana and Pops. We are heading to the clinic on Wednesday for counts and a doctor's visit. Thank you so much for your prayers as we travelled and Happy Easter!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Picture Day

I wanted to share a couple of the sweet pictures we got today.

An Eventful Day

Things are going at at fast pace this week. James has enjoyed being around family, especially his cousins. Today we went to get pictures made of all 5 of them. I was fully expecting it to be awful but actually turned out very good. They all were good for the 3.5 hour process. When we got home they had put up a swing set in my parents yard so Reid and James had to try it out. After we came inside we left and went to one of my best friends house and spent time with them. Larissa's little girl Sydney(she is 5) was so sweet to James and loved playing with him. She told us she would want a little brother if he could be just like James-so sweet. She also said he had the prettiest eyes and the biggest head! I cracked up! We had a great time today and as promised I have pictures from all the events of the day.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Easter Egg Hunt

We went to my friend's house and had an Easter egg hunt. I wanted to share some of the pictures from that event. James just took his last dose of steroids-yeah!!! He is very whiny but seems pretty distracted by all his cousins. We are looking forward to them getting out of his system quick.

Friday, March 14, 2008

We're here...

and having a great time. The action has been non stop with all the cousins in the house. First of all, James did great on the flight with 3 doses of steroids already in his system. We even got compliments from people on the flight that said our kids were good-whew! We are over half way through steroids and he is doing OK. He does have some bouts of whining but there are so many distractions he moves through it pretty quick. He is cracking us all up with all his words. His latest thing is that every time somebody walks into the room or comes to the house he points to my mom and say"Nana" He wants to make sure everyone knows who she is! He has also been very generous with his love and kisses(while on steroids!). Greg and I are enjoying having some rest and enjoying being together and with family. I will be taking pictures and will post them later! Thank you for your prayers.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Tennessee here we come....

Just wanted to update you to let you know James' counts were great and we are headed to TN tomorrow. Please pray for safe travel and minimal side effects from steroids and chemo. I better go-got lots to do!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Fun Times

Sorry it has taken me a few days to blog. I have had to two needy children who haven't let me have very much time at the computer. We head to the clinic tomorrow for counts, antibiotic, and chemo(vincristine). We did have a great weekend. I am posting some pictures of James playing tether ball and Adrianne relaxing on the hammock. If all goes according to plan tomorrow we leave on Thursday to head to TN. We are so very excited and find myself a little apprehensive. Most of you know that we had planned to leave for TN this summer and the day before we were to leave James was diagnosed. Clearly that won't happen this time but I have grown very comfortable being at home and knowing the hospital is only an hour away. So I ask for your prayers-for counts tomorrow, for our travel on Thursday, and most of all that we will have a great time seeing family and friends. Oh and I almost forgot-James will be on steroids for 5 days starting tomorrow!

ok-so he is not having fun right here!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

A Lazy Wednesday Afternoon

We didn't go to the clinic this week so we enjoyed our Wednesday. James had a good time playing in this beautiful weather while Adrianne is desperately trying to figure out how to crawl.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Busy Builder

Today was a good day. We stayed in our pjs all day and played. We have a break from the clinic this week but next week he starts steroids again. Thank you for your continued prayer as we adjust to the "normal" life.