Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Back from the clinic

Today we headed to the clinic for a follow up visit after our stay in the hospital over the weekend. They drew his blood and everything came back great. His hemoglobin was up over 11 and his ANC was 3500. That means we get to go back on chemo. I know the chemo is keeping leukemia from coming back but it was sure nice to have a few nights off where we didn't have to worry if he ate or drank milk before bedtime. James will be all set to start back school on Monday and get back to our routine. Please pray that he is protected from any viruses or infections. Also please begin to pray for Christmas. We are going to TN for 8 days and we really want to stay out of the hospital! Thank you!

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sarah watson said...

we will pray for a healthy and merry Christmas for the Ryans'!