Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Quick update

Just wanted to give you a quick update on what is happening in our house. Thank you for your prayers concerning James and the flu/steroids. After Thursday night, James didn't run anymore fever. yesterday I had to take him back to MDA for them to draw blood because the culture they took last week grew some bacteria. Judging by the fact that he hasn't run fever, MDA thought the growth was from outside contamination but nonetheless they wanted more blood to make sure. Sometime between meeting friends for lunch and leaving to go to the hospital, James right eardrum ruptured again! So it was a good thing we were going there in the first place so they could check him out. They put us on antibiotics again and we are suppose to recheck in 2 weeks. Meanwhile Greg is feeling awful and has been in bed since last night. He tested negative for the flu but the doctor told him it could be the beginning. We could use your prayers--for James ear and continued health, for Greg to feel better soon, for Adrianne and I to stay well, and my middle sister who is having a baby today (health for her and the baby). Thanks for keeping up with us!


stephanie said... poor greg. and poor james' ear. i guess they did a second culture? keep us posted.
love and prayers~

mrsrubly said...

i came over here from the riggs family blog. your son is so darlin! i love his eyes. i have read a post or 2 and realized MDA! MD Anderson hospital..houston...i am in katy! i will follow your blog..and pray for your family. isn't god so good!? with James' ear drum busting..well he was in the best place to be! i know that that has to hurt! poor baby...