Wednesday, March 11, 2009

2 steps forward, 1 step back

That is how I feel today. On the potty training front, James hasn't caught on as quickly as we would like. He is also taking a total of 6 medicines a day and I think it is making his tummy uneasy and we have had alot of accidents. So we are going to do pull ups for a while until we are off antibiotics.

Today was a record clinic day even with his LP. They accessed him at am, he got his pentamidine and vincristine at 8am, and his LP around 9:30. We were home by 1pm which is really good for a day when we have a procedure. Our ENT appt. went good and confirmed that James has fluid behind both his ears. The doctor decided to do another round of antibiotics and a decongestant. We will check again in 3 weeks.

So our daily regimen consists of....
chemo-before bed
Is like Walgreens over here:)

Lucky for us, moist of the medicines will be finishing up at the same time-by the end of the weekend.

So now for the fun stuff....Today at MDA, Discovery toys was there with all their fun stuff and James was taken in. They were set up in the lobby as we were leaving and everything they sold they were giving a portion to The Children's Art Project. So in that moment we were weak and got a pop up playhouse and the kids love it!!!

Enjoy your day!!!!!

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Lorren said...

i think it's great you and Greg each have a little mini-me. I'll be praying for you all...all that medication must get exhausting for everyone!!