Friday, April 17, 2009

Not much happening....

I almost don't want to say that because inevitably something will. James made it through steroids OK without any major problems. When we went to the clinic last Wednesday his counts looked OK but his white count was a little low. We are going back this next week for a count recheck to make sure everything is OK.

James has his program for school coming up on Thursday and I will be sure to post some pics. Thank you for continuing to check in on us even when nothing is going on!!!

Also if you are a member of facebook, a lady who has heard about James has started a cause page for him. She is also getting bracelets with James' name on them so you can remember to pray. If your interested, check out the link below

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Anonymous said...

You guys - congrats on an uneventful week of steroids and on your new addition cooking away! We were so excited to hear your news and how your family will be growing. James and you all remain in our prayers!

Love you -
The Vaughns