Wednesday, May 20, 2009

An ER visit

That is what we had last night. For a couple of days, James has had a cough and runny nose. We were giving him Claritin to help with the allergies but yesterday afternoon he felt warm so I took his temperature. It went from 99.5 to 100.7 so I called MDA. It was after hours so I had to call the pediatric floor. In light of the temp, cough, and runny nose, the doctors wanted to see him. So around 6pm, I loaded both kids up, dropped off Adrianne with Aunt Steph at the ballpark, picked up Greg from his office and headed down there. When we got there, the place was a zoo. They were jam packed and so was the pediatric floor. After waiting an hour and half we got a room and they drew James' blood. Of course when we got to the ER his temp was normal! His blood work came back great and they sent us home. They swabbed him for several viruses so we will see. He is doing great today-no fever-and he wanted to go for his last day of school.

They don't want us to follow up unless he gets worse and his next appt. is in a couple of weeks. Please pray for his continued health. Thank you.


Heidi said...

nothing like a trip to the e.r. to get rid of a fever. So glad he is doing well!!

Honeyman 4 said...

We will be praying!! Maybe the pool tomorrow??