Saturday, July 18, 2009

Our vacation wouldn't be a vacation......

if it didn't involve an ER visit. Yes that's right only this time we didn't even get out of Texas. We left at 4:15am on Friday morning thinking we would be at my parents house by 5pm. About 2 hours into the trip James threw up which prompted me to take his temperature. It was 100.4. I called MDA and was waiting for a return call when 30 minutes later I took his temp again and it had spiked to 101.4. By this time we were past Nacadotches (sp?) and we turned the car around and headed to the Lufkin ER. After 6 and a half hours we got to leave and head on to TN. James is fine and his counts indicate he is fighting a virus.

Please pray for no more ER visits this vacation!!!

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Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you guys are getting time with your family. I recently met your "twin" by the way, a great girl who just moved back to Knoxville from Lex, and who, no kidding, looked like she could have been your sister.
Enjoy your visit and you will definitely have our prayer during your time away from home. Can we see some pics of your growing belly with these kiddos? :)

Love, the Vaughns