Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I know....I know

It has been way too long since I posted something...a month exactly. I can't seem to find a good time between taking care of 3 kids, spending time with Greg, going to graduate school, working out--well you get the picture. I am happy to post that things have been fairly uneventful in our house. Last week my mom and I set out on a 14.5 hour drive with all three kids to go to TN. The kids had a blast with their cousins. I took a few pics but lets face it 7 kids under 4....not alot of picture taking opportunities.

Our sweet Marks loves him some cupcake!


Ashley McWhorter said...

I am loving the Sun Drop cans! Remember when Conn and I brought you back a case one time from a trip of ours? HAHA! So glad y'all had a great time! :)

Connie McWhorter said...

Looks as if a good time was had by all! Aren't family times so special?
Love you, Connie Mc