Monday, May 19, 2008

A Crazy week

I haven't posted in over week because of all the sickness at our house! Both James and Adrianne have been fighting a runny nose that has slowly progressed into a runny nose and cough. On Tuesday afternoon I got Adrianne up from her nap and she had 102.4. I called the pediatrician and they had me bring her in. After a full exam and blood work they said it was viral and it would probably be a couple before days before her fever broke. On Wednesday she woke up with more fever and we managed it all day. On Thursday Adrianne had fever and in an effort to keep James well I gave him a vitamin C which he promptly threw up all over me. He also began to run a low grade fever and the nurse at MD Anderson said we could get blood work done with the pediatrician here in the Woodlands. His blood work turned out fine. Friday he began to run a low grade fever and I called his doctor and she decided she wanted him to come in and have his port cultured and another CBC done. Also on Friday Adrianne's fever had broke and she was beginning to feel better. We returned on Friday night-James counts were fine and Adrianne had broken out in a rash which confirmed she has roseolla(sp?). James and Adrianne's cough has gotten worse over the weekend. Tonight before bed James was coughing so much he threw up again and he had a temp around 99. So we shall see what tomorrow holds!!!!! As always we covet your prayers.


Star Molegraaf said...

caught up on some of your blogs today and praying for your sweet family now.

Anonymous said...

We love you and are still praying for you! We can't believe how big James is. He is a tall boy! We can't wait to see ya'll in July!
Love you!
Drew, Mary Beth, Taylor and Maddie