Thursday, May 8, 2008

Roid Rage at Its Finest

This is how its been for the last 30+ minutes and he is still crying. I have offered everything in my pantry and the only thing that got a moments relief was the ice cream scoop. Please pray for our next several days!!!


Lorren said...

praying for you all, Joy!

stephanie said...

awwhhhh! thank goodness it is day 2 of 5, not day 2 of 21!!!
early to bed, anyone?

Ashley McWhorter said...

OH, Joy! I know that roids and 2's do NOT mix well. Praying for you! Wanna meet at the park?

Janet said...


I am so sorry. I will be praying for that sweet boy - and all of you.


Michael and Jana said...

You impressively still have your witts about you to think of taking a picture. Kudos to you. I sure hope that Tuesday comes quickly and that the weekend has many distractions from the rage.

Call and vent anytime! Love you, Jana

Lea White said...

Oh those dreaded steroids!!!

You are in my prayers and thoughts!!!

Lea White (mum of Bianca)
Wellington, New Zealand