Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Cycle 3

Today marks the beginning of our third cycle on Maintenance. By the time our treatment is done, I am not sure how many cycles we will do. James had a great clinic visit. It took a little bit longer to get him in for his procedure and he wasn't very happy. The two hours before his procedure he ask for milk every couple of minutes. So needless to say we were glad when it was over and he could eat.

James couldn't get the cheerios in quick enough!

His counts looked great today. His ANC had dropped from around 7000 to 2000. That is a good thing because they know the chemo is working. We started another 5 days of steroids so as always we ask for your prayers. We will be travelling in the next few days for some fun and relaxation. Please pray that he feels good and that we are free from sickness.

Here are some more pics from our visit today.


Lorren said...

Praying for James. (His hair is so silky blonde! Cutie!)

Anonymous said...

What a big boy and big girl. Look at Adrienne standing up, "SO BIG." Prayers with you while you travel. Have fun!! Can't wait to see ya'll in a couple of weeks!
Drew, Mary Beth, Taylor and Maddie send our Love!!!

stephanie said...

so glad the clinic visits on maintainance are further apart than in the early days! what a great report.

hope you guys are able to have a great little vaca!

Sam McClure said...

we are still praying for you! i love his sweet smiles. i hope you have a great vacation as a famiily!

Jana said...

His hair is looking so great. I will pray that steroid week is quick and painless for all. Have a happy 4th.

Amy said...

Have a great time traveling. Glad James is doing better.