Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Please pray

We haven't posted in a week because we have been travelling. We left in the middle of the night on Wednesday to drive to TN-not something we will do again! James and Adrianne have had a blast with their cousins. Sunday night after James had been outside he came in and threw up everywhere. All of us thought that he got too hot and he seemed to feel better after a while. Yesterday morning he was sleeping alot longer than usual and when I went to get him up he was burning up. We came downstairs and he got sick again. Long story short- we made a trip to Vanderbilt to have him evaluated and to have his counts done. Everyone was so awesome there. Our friends Jana and Michael Kelley(the family we have met since beginning this journey-Joshua Michael Kelley)were great in helping us navigate Vanderbilt. The doctor we saw was great and thought James looked good. His counts came back good and we are waiting for the blood culture. Please pray that his fever would stay down and be free from any infections.

I promise to post pictures soon!!!

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