Thursday, October 29, 2009

This morning's update

The newest info-as we have found all through this process of James being sick, things can change quickly.They have decided to discharge him and we will take him to the local hospital tomorrow for bloodwork to make sure things are going in a good direction.My thoughts on discharge is that there are alot of very sick kids at MDA and since James seems to be doing good they dont want him to pick anything up. Keep praying.

The Latest...neutrophil count still zero but white blood cells are increasing which is promising. At least another night in the hospital. Pray his neutrophils come up so that they can come home tomorrow. Thank you for all your thoughts and prayers.

Morning update..Greg said the night was pretty tough. They came in around 10pm and gave him tamiflu and he threw up everywhere. So at midnight, he started coughing again and threw up but this time Greg was able to get something in front of him so that he didn't get it all over him. At that point he asked for something to help James quit coughing and go to sleep. They gave him Benadryl and I think James slept pretty decent the rest of the night. Greg is exhausted because he hasn't had much sleep. Don't know what the counts are today..will know sometime this morning. Keep praying.


Tmad, Lmad, and Dmad said...

all three of your babies are in our prayers.

Lindsey said...

Poor Baby. The Douglas Family is praying.

Lacey said...

Been praying for you guys and Mr. James. How are you feeling? Better?