Tuesday, March 18, 2008

An Eventful Day

Things are going at at fast pace this week. James has enjoyed being around family, especially his cousins. Today we went to get pictures made of all 5 of them. I was fully expecting it to be awful but actually turned out very good. They all were good for the 3.5 hour process. When we got home they had put up a swing set in my parents yard so Reid and James had to try it out. After we came inside we left and went to one of my best friends house and spent time with them. Larissa's little girl Sydney(she is 5) was so sweet to James and loved playing with him. She told us she would want a little brother if he could be just like James-so sweet. She also said he had the prettiest eyes and the biggest head! I cracked up! We had a great time today and as promised I have pictures from all the events of the day.


stephanie said...

Biggest head? Interesting.... Sydney is quite the beauty herself.
It is so nice that you are able to get in a little time with so many different friends/family all in one visit. Maybe everyone can catch a big nap on the plane ride home!
So happy that picture day was surprisingly smooth...can't wait to see the photos!

The Herd said...

What a great family you guys have!

Anonymous said...

Does Larissa's daughter look exactly like her? They are beauties. So glad you are getting to see so many friends and having such a great time with family. You are missed here.