Friday, March 14, 2008

We're here...

and having a great time. The action has been non stop with all the cousins in the house. First of all, James did great on the flight with 3 doses of steroids already in his system. We even got compliments from people on the flight that said our kids were good-whew! We are over half way through steroids and he is doing OK. He does have some bouts of whining but there are so many distractions he moves through it pretty quick. He is cracking us all up with all his words. His latest thing is that every time somebody walks into the room or comes to the house he points to my mom and say"Nana" He wants to make sure everyone knows who she is! He has also been very generous with his love and kisses(while on steroids!). Greg and I are enjoying having some rest and enjoying being together and with family. I will be taking pictures and will post them later! Thank you for your prayers.


Anonymous said...

We can hardly wait to see those pictures!! Everyone is so excited that ya'll actually got there. Much love to all.

Michael and Jana said...

It was great to talk to you yesterday. I can't wait to meet you and your sweet family. I already have a list of things to chat about and get your wisdom on.

See you Wednesday,

stephanie said...

make sure y'all get a good one of all the cousins!! i know you will. no easy task given their ages, but all the same...even one with all of them in the frame not necessarily looking at the camera or smiling would be such an accomplishment!

glad the flight went well and that it sounds like you and greg are getting some "rest". (funny how the meaning of that word changes over the years) so glad you are blogging remotely.