Saturday, March 29, 2008

We tried

Well tonight was going to mark the return to church for the Ryan family. We went back and forth of what service to attend. We decided the 6:00 was too early because we would have to eat first and then take chemo after the service and most likely he would be hungry. So we opted for the 7:30 service knowing full well both our kids would be tired. We tried to be preemptive-baths before going, jammies in the car as well as chemo. Our plan was to change them in the parking lot when the service was over give chemo and then home to bed.We got to church in plenty of time to see all the new buildings and where would would take each child. We took James to class and he went right in and was ready to play. Greg and I thought this is easy-he transitioned well. Wrong! About mid way through the service our pager went off. When I got to the preschool building and was walking towards his room I could hear the sobs. When I got to him he was upset and was told he had thrown up. He had worked himself up so much that he started coughing and got sick. I text Greg and he came out and we got Adrianne(who was crying) and headed home. We realized we had pushed them to hard since they are usually in bed by 7:45. So needless to say Saturday night church won't be for us until our kids get a little older.

Oh well we will try again next week on Sunday morning!


Rebecca said...

I'm so sorry to hear that the transition was rocky. It's not easy to begin the work of re-entry, as we are learning too. And, even worse that James was so upset. After all he's been through, I know it's so hard to watch him be upset. You just want to say, "You're beating cancer...don't let this get you down!"...but, of course, he wouldn't understand. And, so glad you decided not to try again until NEXT Sunday morning!

Ashley McWhorter said... was so great to see y'all! I hope Sundays will be better. Let me know if you want to do a play date this week. We would love to!

Michael and Jana said...

Man, that is a tough road back. I am so sorry.