Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Back in the Saddle Again

I officially returned to work in Tomball ISD today after a week off with the fam. Thus, the extra pair of hands assisting with a newborn and a 1-year-old were missed. Thank goodness Nana is still able to be with us and family and friends are continuing to be readily available to offer a helping hand when needed. Joy mentioned today that managing a newborn and a 1-year-old is quite possibly the best diet plan ever!

We are overwhelmed with how much the community of believers has banded together to walk along side us during this trying time. We are blessed indeed! I wanted to include a video taken with our digital camera, but I think that our technology is a little outdated so I wasn't able to include it. It depicted James and his two year old cousin dancing together to a dancing and singing Spider Man doll. It was a riot and I will keep trying to attach it to the blog. It offers a great picture of how chipper James feels right now and how much he loves his cousins!

From the video, you can tell James is feeling pretty good right now. That's a great sign considering that he is getting daily chemo and has to receive weekly lumbar punctures at MD Anderson. His blood counts were stable at our last visit, which is why we have video of a smiling and dancing James. Here are our most current prayer requests:

  1. James will have a safe LP at MD Anderson tomorrow (Wed) morning.

  2. James' blood counts will continue to remain stable (allowing for a much better quality of life for all of us)

  3. Praise! Adrianne has exceeded her birth weight (by a few ounces) in just over one week of life!

  4. All of us (especially Joy and Nana who are sacrificing much sleep) get much needed rest.

  5. Joy and I will continue to keep our pride in check and readily accept assistance when offered. We are reminded that God is glorified when His creation honors one another in His name.

Again, we thank God for the blessing of you. Keep us held in prayer!

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