Thursday, September 6, 2007

Settling In

We went for James' appointment yesterday and all went well. They are very pleased with his progress. Next week we will find out about the next phase of treatment-maintenance. We are very excited about this phase because we will be able to resume some normal activities. maintenance will be the phase we are in through the rest of James' treatment(three years). there will be various times that we will ramp up the chemo to insure that the leukemia doesn't come back. There will also be times when his counts will go low and we will have to keep him away from large crowds and sick people. In fact, our doctor told us that typically kids in maintenance don't look sick. They begin to grow their hair back and feel good. We are very excited about this phase.
Things are going good around our house. Adrianne is adjusting a little better although she still doesn't like to sleep at night. i wanted to share some pictures I took today of James and Adrianne. James definitely loves his little sister and I know will be a great big brother.


Kathryn said...

Awwww, what great pictures! We love you guys and continue to pray for James and your new little one. We are praying for sleep, sleep, sleep!

Anonymous said...

Precious pics!! Still praying for the entire family...