Sunday, September 9, 2007

Pops in the house!

We are so thankful that Joy's dad, AKA "Pops," is able to come visit for a few days. He arrived late yesterday afternoon and is here until late tomorrow night. It's always fun with Pops because he brings a smile and a laugh just when we need it most. Most of all, he has been quite the trooper allowing us to hijack Nana for such a long time. I am sure that it has been hard not having his loving wife at home.

So, we are just chillin' at the house this weekend and enjoying family. We are continually blessed by your words of encouragement, prayer, and well wishes. We miss church so much and look forward to the coming weeks when we are able to return! James is looking as full of life as ever and is so much fun. His (i.e., mostly my) favorite book is Pajama Time. He is loving being read to and tries to read along in his own special language. We knew that his treatments would result in regression in some areas, but he hasn't seemed to miss a beat. There are so many scary side effects to the many medicines that we are pumping into his body, but they pale in comparison to Leukemia. So, this is one more reminder that "control" is merely a fleeting idea and that we must entrust all aspects of James' development to the Lord. This, of course, is a daily struggle to remember this, but God is good and patient with us. Our most current prayer requests are:
  1. Adrianne continues to have longer periods of sleep.
  2. We are able to better decipher James' whining (chemo related? jealous of sister? just being a 15 month old?) and have patience!
  3. James' blood counts continue to remain stable and he continues to positively respond to treatments.
  4. James gets all of his medicine each time given.

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