Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Dealing with everyday life

I know several of you come and check the blog everyday for updated information. I have to apologize for not writing everyday-time just gets away. We were able to go to church on Saturday night. It was great for Greg and I to get out and also for James to go to his class. Adrianne being only 3 weeks old stayed with us during the service. James had a great time in his class and did very well considering we haven't been in over 2 months. He was glad to see us once the service was over!!

We are doing good trying to adjust to everyday living. James' counts remain good and we head to the clinic tomorrow to start the new phase. We still are waiting for the last blood test on Adrianne. Hopefully we will know something very soon although I am fully anticipating things to be fine.

We have had some answers to our prayers. James gets better every day taking his medicine. Pray this will continue, we start the dreaded steroids tomorrow(only for 5 days). Also he has been sleeping much better. He is almost back in the routine he was in before he got sick. Please pray that this will continue. As you know he is in much better spirits when he has had enough rest. I unfortunately can't say the same for Miss Adrianne. She sleeps pretty well until about 3 am and then she is wide awake. I know she is barely over three weeks but I am very anxious for her to get into a routine before my mom leaves-so please put that on your prayer list as well.

Thanks again for you support, meals, encouragement and most of all prayers. Thank you for being a part of this journey with us.