Wednesday, April 9, 2008


That is how I can best sum up the day. My day started at 4:30am to prepare to leave the house at 5:45am. We took Adrianne along today so it was quite a task making sure I had what everyone needed. James couldn't have anything to eat or drink but surprisingly enough he was good. He had a great procedure and great doctor's visit. His counts look good and his liver enzymes continue to drop into the normal range. James also has completed one day of steroids so please be in prayer for the next four. I have read other blogs from older children and I have an idea of what some side effects are but at the same time James can't adequately communicate what is going on and what he is feeling. Please pray that we would have discernment to best know how to care for him when he doesn't feel well.

I wanted to include some photos from the day...
Thank you for continuing to keep up with our journey and for praying for us. We know we have a long road ahead and most likely there will be bumps but your love and support sustain us.


Nancy Hamilton said...

Joy !
Im praying God's mercies on your sweet family. Praying that only God's strength is what you have today..and that God will provide what you need, when you need it friend! :) 2 Cor. 9:8
Love to you!

Lauren said...

Thanks so much for sharing the pictures, too. Seeing both of them just brightens my day!!! We're still praying for you fact, when I babysat James a few months back, I snapped his picture on my cell. A few times a week (if not more!) I receive notices from my bank account...I tagged James' picture to that number, so now when I get a txt message from the bank, James' picture pops up! It reminds me - no matter where I am - to take the time to say a prayer for his healing, his future, both of you two, and whatever else sits on my heart. Much love and much blessings to all of you!
-Lauren Maddox