Thursday, August 2, 2007

Dill Pickle

Many, many thanks and hugs to all that have prayed for James (and us) the past 48 hours. We have felt the peace of the Lord in these most recent struggles, and it's your love and support that helps push us through the harder times.
James' surgery to insert a new CVC (this time under his left collarbone) was a great success! The surgeon explained that James' last catheter may have been a bit short, making it easier for it to shift to the jugular vein (totally the wrong position). So, THIS time, a little bit longer catheter was inserted. We were assured that this frequently occurs with young children. James' surgery prep began with some "happy medicine" at 7:00 am. Well, this was followed with some mega-happy medicine for the surgery through post-op. So, James has been quite sleepy the vast majority of the day today. Each time he wakes, he has an appetite like an emaciated wolf that hasn't eaten in weeks. I wish that we could show you video footage of how he rips into food and eats fistfuls of ham and turkey lunch meat. We are finding that his most favorite food right now are pickles. He clutches a pickle spear in his hand and chews at it like a Slim Jim. So funny! There's a picture below. This massively increased appetite is due to the big doses of steroid. In addition to increased appetite, James' has been getting a bit chunkier and has also started to lose his great head of hair. We know his hair will come back, but it provides such a vivid picture of his illness. Anyone know of any good baby wig vendors? We will hopefully be discharged from the hospital tomorrow. Here are our most recent prayer requests:
  1. James would have no fever and would be able to return home tomorrow.
  2. Praise! James' surgery went well and his blood levels are rebounding.
  3. James continues to sleep through the night tonight and that Joy and Nana get rest as well.
  4. James' new CVC would stay secure and functional!


Michelle Davis Head said...

So glad the surgery went well. I know you can't tell Baby James but I know what he is going through with the steroids. I have an autoimmune disease in my left eye and when I was diagnosed I had to be on high doses of steroids for almost seven months. Get ready for lots of munchies and the "moon face." Praying for you all and for long, peaceful nights, Michelle

Anonymous said...

So glad that all went well witht he surgery and that the blood counts are heading in the right direction. No matter what happens to his physical appearance, his precious smile and loving heart will be the same. He is such a lovely child and we are praying for him daily. Keep up the munching James! We love you all.

Bambi Hobbs Muylle said...

So happy that the surgery went well. James is sooo adorable! Know that my thoughts and prayers are with you each day.

Bambi Hobbs Muylle

Jana said...

Pickles - I love it! That makes me picture James eating his fistfuls of the Baked Cheetos earlier this summer. Awesome news about the surgery, and our prayers are ongoing. Love you guys!