Saturday, August 25, 2007

A Time to be Born...

In Ecclesiastes 3 the Bible teaches us there is a time for everything. Though Joy was scheduled to be induced on Monday, God (and precious baby Adrianne) had another time in mind entirely. Joy began laboring, I believe, at least the early stages in the wee hours of the morning on Saturday. By the time everyone was up and moving, she was making calls to the professionals to find out if she was indeed in labor. With James she was a week late and had to be induced, so the onset of labor was not familiar territory for Joy. It was decided they should head in to the hospital to be sure. In true whirlwind fashion, things were put in place, Nana hopped off her morning treadmill workout and they were out the door. At the hospital, they were initially told to go walk a while and come back to see if there was any more progress. After about an hour, the walking had done the trick and Joy was admitted. As a huge answer to prayer, the natural onset of labor was much easier on Joy than the induction had been a little over a year ago with James' birth. Dr. Strong came in on his day off, as well as delivery nurse, soon to be neighbor, and friend Linda Novak. The two of them, together with Greg, Nana and most especially Joy worked together to make Adrianne's birthday happen. Everything went as smoothly and as "uneventfully" as we all had hoped and prayed for.
Adrianne Grace Ryan was born at 6:23 pm, Saturday, August 25, 2007.
She weighed 8 lbs. and 3 ozs.
She measured 21 inches.
She has quite a bit of dirty blonde hair, blue eyes, and
according to Greg, looks a lot like James did on his birthday.
She has already nursed very well, taken to her paci, and is sleeping very peacefully. What an angel! Granny and Grandad brought James for a visit. He was not too sure what to make of her. One thing he was sure of was that he wanted to have her paci. (the little one resembles his own) Joy, Greg, and Adrianne will most likely be at the hospital until Monday.
Proud husband and daddy Greg told me of how awesome Joy has done today with the birth of their daughter and with getting acquainted with Adrianne and falling comfortably into her new role as mommy to their brand new baby girl. I feel certain Joy would have had similar words of praise for Greg as her support during labor and as tender daddy to Adrianne.
They are an amazing amazing family of four is definitely a time to rejoice!
Thank you for your continued will be posted as soon as we get the chance!


the ildes said...

Welcome to the world, sweet Baby Adrianne!! We are so thankful for the peaceful way that your birthday came, and that you and your Mommy and Daddy and Big Brother James are doing well. We can't wait to meet you!!
The Ildebrandos

Anonymous said...

Aunt Janis & Uncle Bill said..Isn't God Awesome! As are you Joy and Greg trusting Him in everyway. We welcome sweet baby Adrianne to the family, and Praise God for her timely entrance into the world. We can probably expect more "Ta Das!" from this special little girl. It is significant that she followed the landing of the Endeavor! Peace, mercy and blessings on you sweet Ryans.

angelasustala said...

Congratulations, sweet Ryan family! We are joining with you in praising God for such a precious blessing! Enjoy that sweet baby ... can't wait to see pictures!
Love, Eddie & Angela Sustala & family

Lacey Morgan said...

Congratulations and welcome to the world little Adrianne!! We are so thrilled to hear of your arrival! We hope you guys are all doing well. Your in our prayers!

Frank & Lacey Morgan