Friday, December 28, 2007

Asking for Prayer

I don't have very specific details at this point, but would like to start any readers praying and will promise to update you as I get information. James, Joy and Greg headed in to MDA last night around 7:30 after days of dealing with a runny nose and cough culminated in a fever that was deemed too high for him to battle out at home. They were admitted for a stay (the length of which is to be determined) and were informed after blood tests that James' counts are down and he would be receiving a transfusion.
Please pray for:
  • his counts to rebound in response to the transfusion
  • the infection to respond to the prescribed course of treatment
  • the hospital stay to go as smoothly as possible
  • peace of mind
We have been made to understand that a hospital stay is almost inevitable at this point in the treatment plan, but that doesn't seem to make it one bit easier. Being hooked up to an IV on rollers is not easy for a toddler. And of course, there is the interruption of normal sleep patterns and just plain being messed with all the time. Those are just the surface concerns. Worrying about infection and blood counts are the biggies. Thank you so much for your prayers as we know God will hear and respond.

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Lea White said...

Please know that I will keep you in our prayers and thoughts as you go through this challenging part of your journey.

Keep strong!

Lea White