Saturday, December 1, 2007

A Trip to the Hospital

That's right-we dropped Adrianne off with her Aunt Steph around 5:30 or 6pm Friday night and headed to MDA. James was exhausted before we ever left the Woodlands so needless to say the trip wasn't very fun. We got down there and had to wait a little while. They accessed his port and drew blood. We went because of his bottom and also a spot that had shown up on his forehead that could be indicating to us that his platelets are low. Anyway his blood work came back OK-his platelets had dropped a little, his hemoglobin good, and his ANC was 850. Also the doctor looked at this bottom and it wasn't infected-Praise God! He told us to keep doing what we are doing and he prescribed another cream that might help. I am waiting for the pharmacy to open to see if they compound it. We have got to get to Wed morning-the last does of steroids!

When we got home our night wasn't so good. James was up most of the night just wanting to be held. Pray that we have the strength to get through the next few days. Pray for Greg-he is an amazing dad and always wants to be here to help me but knows he has to work. I think he is doing an awesome job balancing both but pray that he feel that way. We love you all!


Lea White said...

Hi guys,

Just wanted to drop in and say hi and that I pray for you and keep you in my thoughts. You guys are having a real challenging time.

Wanted to send you some "hugs" in this difficult time.

Lea White

Lea White said...

Just one more day to go, then it is Wednesday.

Just wanted to stop by to send you hugs and to remind you that you are in my prayers and thoughts! I pray that today and tomorrow will be much easier on you guys!

Lea White

Sam McClure said...

Joy~I'm so thankful you left a comment on our blog so that I could come over and see what is going on in your life. I bawled my eyes out as I read through your blog. We will be praying for you daily as you go through this and I will keep up with you through your blog. I know that the Lord has amazing plans for little James! We love you!