Sunday, December 9, 2007

A Rough Couple of Days

Well since the last post we had another trip to the hospital. James was is a lot of pain so we went back to the clinic for them to check his diaper rash. They took his blood and it revealed an elevated white count. One of the doctor(not James' regular doctor) introduced the idea of leukemia being back. Of course it was like a train hit us. They would have to see the differential in his blood before they could determine what was going on. James' doctor, Dr Wells, came in and wasn't alarmed at all by the white count and wanted James to get some more fluids and then we could go home. Because it was later in the afternoon, we had to finish the fluids on the inpatient floor. By this point James couldn't be consoled and when the doctors on the floor saw him they ordered morphine immediately. His differential came back on his blood and the attending doctor looked at it and determined it was his body rebounding from all that had been done to it. We were relieved! After the morphine was finished we got to go home--this was Thursday afternoon and evening.

Since we have been home James diaper rash has gotten better every day. He actually enjoyed his bath last night. The pain doesn't seem to be as intense except when he poops. Although the diaper rash is healing he has developed congestion and a horrible cough. For the last couple of days he has walked around crying. I called the hospital and they want us to monitor him and if he gets a fever to call. So needless to say we don't have the old James back yet.

Please pray:
-that James would be fever free and that he would feel better
-that the congestion he has doesn't go into his chest
-that his blood and body would continue to rebound so that we can start part 2 of Delayed Intensification
-that his diaper rash would heal soon!

Thank you.


Lisa Black said...

Wow, you guys just can't seem to get a break! I am so happy to hear that the leukemia wasn't the cause for the counts! I am also so happy to hear that his his diaper rash is healing, I hope it continues to do so quickily. I hope and pray that his congestion gets better, nothing worse than being on chemo with low counts and have a cold! Hang in there, the end is so close! We'll be back on Wednesday for a LP hope to see you there! - with good news! Little James is in our prayers!

Michael and Jana said...

With Joshua, I didn't know what to think about using morphine, but it seemed to help him a lot. I just can't imagine the pain our boys have been through. Keep up the great work. I know you are comfort to James. We'll continue to pray.

Jana said...

Greg and Joy - You are very much in my daily thoughts and prayers during this time. I have been so said to hear about James' pain, and can't imagine how exhausted you guys must be right now.

I was touched as I looked back at some of your recent past posts and saw the words of Jesus Loves Me. My prayer for you is that you feel that love daily in the midst of chaos, and that somehow James will feel it too, through the gentle care of his AMAZING parents.
Much Love, Jana P.

Lorren said...

Oh, I hate that you all are going through this. Keep going! Be strong!