Saturday, December 29, 2007

The latest from MDA

There is not too much more information that I can give today. First, thanks for your prayers. James has been fever free since he has been at the hospital, though his cough persists and seems to have even worsened. He is on a broad spectrum antibiotic intravenously at regular intervals. He does not currently show any signs of pneumonia. Praise God for that! Because of those good signs, he is able to continue with the delayed intensification as planned and receive his last dose of the really strong chemo medicine today. His blood counts have continued to decline across the board and it is likely that this dose will prolong the rebounding of those. This is an expected reaction, but they will do another transfusion today to try and counteract the decline as much as possible. He will continue on oral chemo until January 2. They cannot say when he will get to come home from the hospital for sure, but they suspect that will not happen until late Sunday or even Monday. His counts have to recover a bit first, and then they can decide whether to release him. Thank you for joining us in prayer that his fever will be kept at bay as well as any infection that would be a symptom of. (like pneumonia or whatever else) We will also be praying for a speedy rebound in his blood counts. As always, we will keep you posted on any changes.

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