Sunday, January 6, 2008

10 hours later

That's right 10 hours... We got in the car at 8:30pm and headed home. Although that is not what we had slated to do on Saturday, it was a blessing because of the new families we got to meet. I think I have said this before - even though we have to go down this road of cancer, I am so thankful for how well James is doing. In fact one mom told Greg during our last hospital stay, "You are lucky your son has leukemia." Her daughter was diagnosed with a very rare, nearly untreatable form of bone cancer. I wouldn't go as far as that to say we are "lucky," but I do feel incredibly blessed that he is doing so well. While we were at the hospital yesterday, there were a lot more families there with small kids. Even though I have a small child going through treatment, it's still heartbreaking to see other families coping with cancer and its horrible effects on their child.
James met a friend yesterday. They were so cute playing together. She is 2-years-old and it was so funny because she referred to James as "the baby." He's 19 months. I am including a picture of their time together. Her name is Alesandra; she is from Brownsville, and she is being treated for a brain tumor. She and James enjoyed pushing a toy truck back and forth and riding in a wagon together through the hallways of the pediatric unit. Alesandra loved to touch James' cute ears and his very bald head. We hope to see them again sometime in the future.

In Adrianne news...she is eating rice cereal now and I think she likes it!!!


Sharliss Jane Arnold said...

You are doing good guys. Keep moving forward. Stop, look around and be reminded how God is also using you in so many lives that watch you walk through this so called journey. Blesses you all.

Michael and Jana said...

I completely understand about being thankful for our diagnosis. Perspective is easy to find when you're the "healthy" one on the floor.

Keeping pressing on!

Judy said...

You don't know me, but I'm one of probably hundreds who cares and prays for your precious James. God brings him to my mind often, as well as you both. May God continue to give you His strength and courage to go through this in such a way that glorifies Him. Praying for James' complete healing. God bless you, bless you!
Judy Brooks

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