Wednesday, January 9, 2008

On their way up

Today was probably the quickest clinic visit we have ever had. We left at 6am and were home by 10:30am. Everything looked great. His counts are starting to recover-his hemoglobin was over 9, his platelets 59000, and his ANC 320(we would like that to be higher!). Next week we are slated to start Maintenance if his platelets are 75000 and his ANC is 750-so who knows? If his counts are good enough next week he will receive...

lumbar puncture with chemo
vincristine through his port
start a 5 day pulse of steroids
take 2 oral chemos

So please pray that his counts recover and pray that he will have minimal side effects from chemo and steroids. I wish I had more to write but I am exhausted and I am going to take advantage of the fact that both kids are in bed!

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Lisa - Mason's Mom said...

Wow, we just missed you guys today, we got to the clinic around 10. Maybe we will see you again while we both are enjoying the benefits of maint. It sounds like the end of your DI was similar to ours, Mason had a 5 day stay (begining the day after his last dose of chemo)on G9 and after 5 days we came home with an anc of 175. I am so pround of your whole family, you have made it to the finish line and I know that little James will recover and do so well. Maint. is wonderful, we still dread the steroids but they are so few and far in between that they are manageable. I think I cried when we got to the end, I can understand your happiness! You guys have done such a wonderful job with your baby, just remember that you are supposed to breath in Maint. I think the first 2 months it was aweful not knowing what his counts were, I forgot to breath. Enjoy the extra time with your family and getting back to a "normal" life! Hope to see you soon, your family is always in our prayers!