Sunday, January 20, 2008

Oh how the body remembers!

Today is day 5 of our 5 days of steroids to begin Maintenance and today has been the hardest. James has constantly whined all day long. Thank goodness we give him his last dose tonight! And if having a steroid raged 19 month in the house wasn't enough, Adrianne decided to get sick.

Yesterday I woke around 6am to hear her coughing. I told Greg that we needed to take her to the doctor. I was tied up all day so Greg took her. He came home with a nebulizer, nasal spray, and an antibiotic. She has to do 2 breathing treatments a day as well as take an antibiotic 2x a day. My mom is coming in tomorrow so I am very thankful for the help I will receive giving all the medications. I'm starting to feel like a pharmacy!

Please pray that we will make a smooth transition out of the steroids and James will begin to feel himself. Pray for Adrianne that she will make a speedy recovery and respond well to her breathing treatments and medication. Thank you.

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Michael and Jana said...

Poor little Adrianne! I hope she feels better very soon.