Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Joy is Awesome

I wanted to take a moment to tell you how awesome my wife is. She spends her days juggling:
  • being a full-time graduate student (studying, writing papers, reading),
  • entertaining and enriching the lives of our two young children (reading the same book 5,000 times per day to Adrianne, reading with James, playing, holding, helping nurse hurts, a little tv ;-),
  • daily managing our finances,
  • managing James' daily/weekly/monthly chemotherapy as well as the majority of his hospital visits and all correspondence with his medical team,
  • keeping our house picked up (she has a hard time believing this, but our babysitter commented that our house is almost always picked up),
  • training several days per week for the Houston Half-Marathon, and
  • always seeming to have a smile, hug, and kiss for me when I get home

I am certain that I am leaving some important aspect of Joy's many roles out the picture. The main point is that Joy is tremendous in her ability to manage so much. I am hopeful that she is able to focus more on what she is doing well (majority) rather than what she feels she is falling short of (minority). After looking at her many roles, I think that most would wonder, "What does Greg do?" I know that I can always encourage more, complain less, offer a helping hand when possible, and know that I am richly blessed by the wonderful woman God has given me. Joy is awesome!


Sam McClure said...

joy-i had such fun seeing you at target the other day, even if it was just for a secone! it is always encouraging to see your smile and to see you being a mom!

Anonymous said...

Greg, I agree... I have to say that my Big sis is my Role Model! I don't know how she does it all, but she does. Maybe one day I will grow up and be like her. I also think that is amazing how much strength God has given her to do all she desires! We love you and miss you! Mary B

Lorren said...

What a sweet post. Yes, Joy is Super Woman!!

Amy said...

Joy, you are super mom. Congrat. on the wonderful post from your sweet husband.

Michael and Jana said...

So sweet! Of all that I know about her. She is all of this and more.

Sharliss Jane Arnold said...

God has given you the gift in this woman that so many have right in there hands and just don't realize it. Greg, you and Joy are examples of true love in the "good times" and the "bad times", continue to allow God to use you so many are watching and wondering "how can I be like that". I am proud! You see the details of everyday that make a difference in life.