Sunday, November 30, 2008

Transfusion Awaits

Well, we got a decent night's sleep with minimal interruption from the staff. Yet, it is quite interesting sharing a twin size bed with a child that moves around like the Tasmanian Devil! We received great news from the doctors this morning. They believe that we will likely go home this evening instead of tomorrow afternoon. James has been quite active and his white cell counts have improved. However, his red cell counts are still low requiring a 4-hour transfusion this early afternoon. James usually has a burst of energy and feels rejuvenated after a transfusion. It's perfect that this coincides with his nap (and that they give him Benadryl before!). We look forward to returning home, seeing Adrianne, and getting back to our "normal life." Thank you for praying for James' bottom and his ultimate healing. Each night we pray, "God, we ask for healing and say, 'Get out of here Leukemia!'"


sarah watson said...

Amen! Get out of here leukemia is exactly right :) We're praying for your family...


Anonymous said...

Amen!!!! We pray also 'get out of here leukemia!' Aunt Janis sends her love and she will be reading the blog while in Germany. Our prayers are with and for your entire family for a full and SPEEDY recovery.

Heidi said...

I hadn't checked your blog in a few days and was saddened to see that James is in the hospital. I will continue to pray for healing. So glad you got a good nights sleep.