Sunday, July 15, 2007

Just a glimpse

I wanted to do two posts today, though there is no news to update you with to speak of. Continue to pray over the requests. Really pray for James' comfort. At times he seems to grow uncomfortable with the line in his chest. His tender little skin is chafing under his arms, perhaps the result of broken capillaries associated with his low platelet count. There are definitely times when James is himself, laughing and smiling, waving and babbling, playing on his clorox wiped playmat or just enjoying time with the few visitors he is allowed. He particularly enjoyed sitting with Granny and Grandad having his hair brushed, and laughing at his Uncle Chris.

As you can see, our precious angel grows tired and is able to get some rest. Pray for many good night's of rest for the three of them. Rest is essential for James' little body as well as for Joy and Greg as it makes all the difference in the way they feel.

Also continue to pray for a good report from the spinal tap. Preliminarily, without the pathology report, the doctors are saying they found one white blood cell in the tap. The pathology report will tell more specifically what kind of cell it is. They have been informed that less than 5 cells is a good sign. Lastly, just f.y.i., they are now just working on narrowing down the subtype of A.L.L. which is the confirmed type of Leukemia that James has.


Cheryl Miller Spafford said...

Sweet Joy, I'm so sorry to hear about little James, but I know the LORD has already instilled in all the Ryans exactly what is needed to walk through this illness w/ His unending strenth, uncomprehensible peace, needed wisdom, and perfect healing.

Love and praying for you,

Girls' Minister @ CFBC

Johnny and Sherry Kubena said...

Just wanted you to know that our family is praying for you, as well. James is absolutely beautiful! I can't even begin to imagine....We are loving you, praying for you, and believing with you. Your cousins, Johnny and Sherry Kubena

Anonymous said...

Joy, I am thinking of you during this very difficult time. Please take care of yourself and your family, and let others' support be a comfort to you. Take care of Lil' man. Love, Jennie (Tidwell) Green

Anonymous said...

Our hearts are with you and your family. Remember, blond haired, blue eyed angels are sweet, and they're also strong.
Matt, Jennifer, and Colin Harris, Lewisburg TN.

Anonymous said...

Joy, We are keeping you and your family in our prayers. We have had to hear the words you did. Our son was diagnosed with cancer at 18 years old. He is now 22 and cancer free. God heals. We will continue to pray and ask others for their prayers.
Carl, Mary Ann & John Neill

Kristy Simmon said...

I just watned to say..Be strong evenw hen you do not feel like you can..Do it anyway..Kids are resilient and what may seem horrible to us they deal with in a very special way. I too had a very ill son but from something totally different and I understand the pain we as parents go through having to watch them suffer everyday. I had to be the mean one the home care nurse and all that stuff so I know how hard it is for you guys.. Pray..ask the Lord to help him with his pain and smile because every moment you get with them is yours and yours alone...You never can have too many pictures either by the way.. I will pray for you guys and your family..Just know someone is looking down on him and they are there..You may not seem them but they are there!