Sunday, July 29, 2007

Many Thanks

We want to start by thanking the many people that have offered their time, support, prayer, and resources to help us through this most difficult time. Joy and I are now home and attempting to establish some sense of normalcy to our lives. What is "normal" you may ask? Our lives are certainly changed from this point forward, that is for sure. Now that we have had the opportunity to digest James' diagnosis, we have been able to see the work of God in so many ways. Much of God's hand has been posted here by the world's best sis-in-law, Stephanie. We have officially dropped her in-law status to full sister! Our family, friends, and church community have gone above and beyond. We are truly blessed by this community of Believers! We will be posting frequent pictures of James and will take over the bulk of posting from this point forward.

James has been in great spirits the last two days and has flashed his brilliant, toothy smile frequently. Since we've been home, James has been waking at night every two hours. We are in constant awareness that a fever may appear, so gone are the days of letting him cry it out. The routine has been check his temperature, check his diaper, and rock him back to sleep. Your prayers have helped because he slept for 10 hours last night! Let's hope that we all have more nights like that. Considering that he is currently "neutropenic" (i.e., zero ability to fight off harmful bacteria), we are giving him high doses of protective antibiotic to stave off any potential infection. As a result of the antibiotic is the grumblies, better known as diarrhea. Thus, he now has a yeast infection on his bottom and has a very painful diaper rash. This can be a potential source of infection, so we frequently apply medicated cream. We are finding that this is an ever evolving process and there are few things that are certainties. Joy and I are know to be planners, and this young journey has taught us the true meaning of surrender. We are learning more each day about surrender of our will, our plans, and our fears to the one constant - the Lord Jesus Christ. His mercy renews us each morning and His presence is felt through your love, your prayer, and James' smile. We thank you for helping us jump this first major hurdle and know that you will be with us through each obstacle and each praise. Our current prayer requests include:
  1. Healing for James' diaper rash
  2. Sleep through the night for James
  3. No fevers or infections
  4. James would take all of his medication

We will be including some pictures very soon!


Whitney Prosperi said...

We are praying fervently each day for you guys and precious James.

Kelly Gustafson (Jacob's Mom) said...

Greg and Family,

You are in a thoughts and prayer!!

Kelly Gustafson (Jacob's Mom) said...

Greg and Family,

You are in a thoughts and prayers!!

Sharliss said...

Joy and Greg, Your brother, Will in Tennessee let me know about James. David and I have been traveling the same journey with our jewel, Katherine. She is our beautiful 14 year old daughter who has ALL. We found out 10 months ago and have been through some pretty tough battles. God has seen us through each and every day. The key is to hold tight, walk one day at a time, allow others to help and love on you time and time again and talk with others who are walking as well. I just wanted to give you my email address and let you know we are here to give any help or just support. Thanks, Sharliss Arnold Also, KJ's caringbridge with the entire story is

Julie said...

Greg & Family,
You are being lifted up in prayer by my family. We love you and will continuously pray for miracles to continually occur.