Saturday, July 21, 2007

No Place Like Home

Greg, Joy, James arrived at home around 7:30 on Friday night the 20th of July after nine nights in the hospital. Again, there are no words to describe how my heart cried out to the Lord when I saw that sweet boy walking freely around his own home with no IV fluid cart holding him back. Sorry I have no photos of that, we did not realize we'd still be there when they arrived. Janice Knott (with very little help from me) had gone before them wiping every toy and surface with the Clorox wipes, so he could really enjoy himself with all of his things. Joy's mom Paula, James' Na-Na (forgive me if I misspelled) flew in from Tennessee on Thursday and is going to be staying with them to help out indefinitely. I spoke to them Saturday morning and the night had gone very well with everyone getting some good rest.

Please continue your earnest prayers as these past few days have only marked the first of many milestones in this journey. It is more of a marathon than a sprint, unfortunately.

1. Tonight would you especially pray for peace for Greg, Joy and Na-Na as they care for James at home without the incredible team of doctors and nurses right outside the door.

2. Pray against fever or infection of any kind.

3. And say a special prayer for the side effects of the chemo to continue to be anywhere from non-existent to very mild. These are very strong drugs that are needed to get rid of the Leukemia. There are medicines they are having to administer at home....the steroid, an antibiotic and possibly something to ease nausea. Earlier this evening he did become ill after a gag reflex taking the antibiotic. Pray for that not to be the norm.


the ildes said...

WELCOME HOME!!! I know you are ALL so glad to be there, and we are SO happy for you! For James, the freedom to walk around and play in his own home...for all of you, a comfortable night's sleep in your own beds. Glory to God.
Love and prayers,

Anonymous said...

Congratulations!!! I hope you continue to get good news each and every day. Na na will take good care of you all (hey Paula). Love, Michelle Davis Head