Saturday, July 14, 2007

The Plan of Action

Friday, July 13, 2007 is considered to be James' Day 1 as far as his treatment is concerned. He began receiving chemotherapy on that day as well as steroids and some anti-nausea drugs. On Day 8 James will undergo another bone marrow biopsy. The goal at this point and our prayer is that he will be a fast responder. Currently the blast count in his marrow is at 98% and in his peripheral blood it is at 75%. On Day 8 we want a report of less than 5% as a result of his treatment. If that is the case, he won't undergo another bone marrow biopsy until Day 30. If the result turns out to be unsatisfactory, he would be checked again on Day 14. The doctors will monitor and adjust his treatment as they see fit. The first phase is the Induction Phase and it lasts 30 days.

James had a spinal tap on the 13th as well, and we are still awaiting the results of that. I will update you all on what they are and what they mean when we receive news.

James, Joy and Greg all seemed to be a little more rested Friday and all seemed in better spirits. Continue to pray, they are most grateful and can feel your prayers. Here are some requests to give you a little direction for your prayers.

1. That James will be a fast responder to chemo.
2. That there will be no infection.
3. That there will be zero to minimal side effects.
4. That there will be no adverse/allergic reaction to the chemo drugs.
5. For Joy and Greg to have continued strength.
6. For a healthy pregnancy with gestational diabetes kept in control.

There is so much information that Joy and Greg are receiving daily on what is going on and on how to care for James during this time, please also pray that they are able to learn fast and retain information well. I think they actually have some classes to attend today.

The earliest they will be released to go home is Tuesday or Wednesday of next week.

Please excuse any errors in our blog as we are working hard to get it all correct! (I know I made some mistakes in setting it up, my mind was in a fog and I said Thursday instead of Wednesday, and also that James was diagnosed on the 13th when it was really the 12th. I am new to blogging and will learn how to edit that soon.) I just wanted to get you all the link now and I will get the facts all perfected soon.


whimsykitty said...

Hi Joy,
This is Carrie Thomas. I read about what's going on through Will. This news lays heavy on my heart and mind. I have always looked at you as a strength and great positivity, and I know little James will have no choice but to possess those same qualities to help him right now. As I'm certain you chose those same aspects in Greg among many wonderful others that will also help James. Please know you, Greg, and of course, James are continuously in my thoughts and heart. I will be checking in here for those positive updates.-C.A.T.

Anonymous said...

Joy, Greg and James,

I am just heart sick for you but know that in your faith you will somehow get through it all. Remember to take care of yourselves as you go through this process. I pray for you all everyday and can't imagine your agony as I have never been faced with something so "on the edge". Hug each other for me and know i am thinking of you. Much love Sheri Hayes

Anonymous said...

The Blum family will keep you and your family in our hearts and our prayers. Julie, Brian, Brandon and Kyle.

Janna Ward said...

Don and I are praying for James and the entire family. To everyone we send our love, thoughts and prayers. God bless you all.
Janna Ward

Rosmari Boyrie said...

Greg, Joy and James...

Keep your high spirits!! We went through this experience in our families and feel your pain. Please know that you and your family are in our thoughts for a positive outcome.
Rosmari Boyrie and family (Rosehill Elementary).