Thursday, July 19, 2007


Just thought you may like to see how much fun James had with mommy and daddy today in the ChildLife Playroom on the Pediatric wing of MDA. He loved this puzzle and was able to take it back to his room.
He even made time to run over with a spontaneous hug for mommy....sweetest boy!
Reaching on his tippy-toes.....
Priceless, precious smiles! From underneath the lifesaving paci. Ironically enough, two weeks before, James was being coerced to only use that at sleep times. Now it serves as a great comfort and as a handy way to keep potentially germy objects from going straight to his mouth. What a blessing! Lots of love for daddy!
Today was a good day.
Pray that tomorrow is as well. James may be receiving some more platelets as his numbers are nearing the lower end again for those. That way he is ready for his BMA(bone marrow aspiration, checking to see how the chemo is destroying those blast cells) on Friday.
Pray continually!


Jody McCain said...

SO good to hear that James (and company) had some fun and smiles yesterday. The pictures mean a lot, thanks for posting. Prayer continues!


Granny said...

We are praying the good news continues...God is so good to us.
Greg and Joy are awesome, Aunt Steph is doing a great joy on this blog and James is precious beyond belief..Love to all, Granny

Jacque said...

I know James is in good hands b/c I know whose hands he is in...AND...he was given him wonderful parents and one of the most wonderful families I have ever known.... AND... you are at an awesome place for his treatment. God has everything under control! Bill and I send our love and prayers every minute of every day! Jacque

Jana said...

Sweet, beautiful pictures of James! (and of mommy and daddy!) It is so nice to see James playing and smiling, and to be reminded that he is the same sweet James we saw a few weeks ago with his bright smile.

We just received our recent issue of U.S. News and World Report showing MD Anderson as the top cancer treatment center in the nation - amazing, as Steph pointed out.

We will be in prayer for those blast counts and will wait for that good report!
Love, Jana & Craig

Craig said...

Greg and Joy,

Those pictures are absolutely melting my heart! Yesterday looked like it was a good day full of fun and smiles. I am praying for James everyday.


Mike said...

Dude James, I'm jealous man. The playroom at MDA is sweet. Too bad they didn't have a 360. Don't worry buddy, one day, I'll pass on all my knowledge. Keep on representin'! You is da man!

Michelle said...

It is so wonderful to see those pictures!!! We will continue to pray for peace, rest, energy, wisdom, successful treatment and comfort. We can't wait to see you again, soon.
We love you guys,

Michelle said...

It was wonderful to see those pictures. . . We will continue praying for more days like these.
We love you guys.
Michelle and all the SonKids staff

Keith said...

Thank you for sharing the wonderful pictures. We are praying for sweet James and for strength for Joy,Greg, and the rest of the family. We love you all!

Keith, Janet, Lindsay and Molly

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful gift our Lord has given you ! Baby James is an angel. Know you are in our prayers. We worship a mighty and loving God who holds you in His Hands. Isaiah 26:3 Love, Roger & Helen Fagan (Lewisburg)

the ildes said...

so good to see james smiling and having fun! praise the Lord for MDA, and that you've been there from the beginning! you all are on our hearts and in our prayers CONSTANTLY. today we're praying for the procedure to go smoothly, and for MIRACULOUS results! we are anxiously awaiting the good news with you!
all our love,
stacie, john, and family