Monday, November 26, 2007

Day 13 and counting...

I wanted to give you a quick update to let you know how James is doing. I say quick because both kids are asleep and I need to take the opportunity to take a shower! We are surviving on the steroids. Some things you can pray for are:

  1. James took a lot of chemo on Wednesday and its making him go the bathroom thus burning his skin-because he is on the steroids his body doesn't heal and its a battle every time I change his diaper. Please pray that his bottom wouldn't get any worse and when we are off the steroids it will heal up.
  2. Continue to pray that he gets adequate rest.
  3. James is also nauseated which has to be frustrating considering the steroids make him hungry but he feels like he is going to throw up(which he has over the past several days). Also pray he gets some variety in his diet-all he wants is yogurt, milk, and pretzels dipped in ranch.

Thanks for your prayers--we are almost there!


Anonymous said...

Greg and Joy -

Every time I sit down to write, I find myself feeling short on words to capture the amount of comfort I wish to send. What a silly obstacle in writing. Here are my thoughts as I read today's entry... While you guys battle this period, you are enveloped in prayers by your friends and family. I just heard a recent description of the Holy Spirit as "drawing up alongside" us during difficult times. Maybe this is what it's actual translation means. I picture running a race, fatigued, when this teammate pulls up with you to cheer you through with His presence and hope. It is as though his mere company shares his endurance, so that it can become yours. We are all praying that you continue to feel the Holy Spirit's presence alongside you. And while you are fatigued, you are indeed doing it, moving forward one day at a time - you are one day closer to the end of these steroids each day. And we will give a great yell for you when that last day comes too!

Missing you all tons! Hey, I'm still impressed with James's diet, even when restricted! Henry would live on yogurt sometimes if allowed!

We love you and will keep praying you through!

Les, Jon, and Henry

Lorren said...

What, no Cheetos? (Wasn't that all he would eat at the beginning?) We love you guys so much and you are constantly in our prayers! Hang in there!!

KayeJ said...

Your prayer requests are heard!