Wednesday, November 7, 2007

An Exhausting Day

I have to say I am glad today is coming to a close. It was a very long day and next week will prove to be even longer. We got to MDA around 7:45am. The difference today was we brought Adrianne along. She was a trooper but I have to say it was alot harder keeping up with two. The doctors we pleased with James' counts. He wasn't on chemo this past week so his numbers are recovering. His ANC is up to 620 and they believe it will only get higher for next week. Next Wednesday he will start his new phase-Delayed Intensification.

We went to see the liver specialist today. They believe that the elevated liver enzymes are due to the medication he is taking. He will consult with James' doctor at MDA to come up with a plan. All the hepatitis tests came back negative so we are very thankful for that.

Along with the usual things James will get done next week(i.e. vincristine, a new chemo-doxorubicin, lumbar puncture, etc) he will get an immunoglobulin transfusion. Immunoglobulins(as best as I understand them) are the part of the blood that develops antibodies. Because of chemo, James' immunoglobulins are low so they will transfuse him to protect him. This transfusion lasts 4-6 hours and will happen after everything else next week.

On a happy note, my mom, sister, and nephew are coming in for a couple of days and we will be so excited to see them. I promise to post pictures of James and his cousin Reid.


Kathryn said...

You know I'm praying for you....YAY for Nana's return. :)

LeRay said...

HI!! I saw your comment on my blog and pop over here for the first time. Yes I remember you! Beautiful fair haired girl! It appears you have two beautiful fair haired babies to match! I will be praying for you and James and your whole family.

Lea White said...

Just discovered your site and will now keep following your progress. My daughter Bianca (4) was diagnosed with ALL beginning June 2007 and we are about to go into our delayed intensification phase.

I will add you to my prayer list.

Keep well and keep strong!

Lea White
Wellington, New Zealand