Saturday, November 10, 2007

James and Reid

We are so lucky to have James' Nana, Aunt Rebekah, and cousin Reid here. They got up at 3:00 a.m. this morning to catch the earliest flight to maximize their visit. It is so awesome to have them here. This weekend has started without a hitch! James and Reid have been great together and have enjoyed playing and taking things from each other. We attempted to put them down for a nap, but they did a wonderful job of tag-team crying and keeping each other up. Despite being two exhausted little boys, they had so much fun reconnecting. Here's a pic of them in the bath tonight:


Anonymous said...

Are not cousins the most fun ever? Or maybe sisters are!! God is so good to give you this special blessing of your mother and sister at this time. Reid is such a cutie and he and James look great together. We are so sorry we couldn't help entertain them but we are really fighting pneumonia so that I'll be able to keep Adrianne next Wed. Love to all,Granny

stephanie said...

How darlin' they are together! I see lots of mischief in their future! Say hi to Nana and Rebekah from us!