Thursday, November 29, 2007

Yesterday at the clinic

Forgive me for not posting yesterday but I was pretty exhausted. We got to the clinic to get James' chemo. All that went fine and we headed home. His bottom has gotten worse. Almost every time I change him, he bleeds. It's absolutely heartbreaking. He also hasn't felt well over the past several days. He wants to sit in my lap most times and doesn't want to play very much. The steroids are suppose to give him a huge appetite but so far he has been pretty uninterested in eating unless its pretzels and ranch. The steroids will come to an end on Wednesday morning and his body will be able to heal so hopefully we won't have to deal with the bleeding bottom too much longer. Please pray that it doesn't get infected. Please pray that his poops will be minimal so that he won't be in pain. Greg and I are truly in survival mode right now trying to make James as comfortable as possible. We also ask for your prayers to be the parents James and Adrianne need. Thank you.


Tracey said...

Joy and Greg,
Hang in there! It's good to know that things are going well with James's treatment. I am praying that the side effects of all the drugs will lessen! I am so sorry that his little bottom is worse. I continue to pray that the rash will get better... soon!

Much Love and Prayers,

sandy said...

Love y'all....hang on!!!! y'all are almost there! God bless all that is going on! You both are INCREDIBLE parents!!!!!!!