Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Diaper Rash?!?

We are going to the clinic later today but I wanted you to be praying about something in the meantime. Because of the chemo that James is on and because of the steroids James has one of the worse "diaper rashes" that I have every seen. I even hesitate to say diaper rash because it is brought on by the chemo. The chemo burns his skin when its eliminated and the steroids are preventing his body from healing. So we are dealing with open sores on his behind that bleed. It's absolutely excruciating for James to get his diaper changed and excruciating for us to have to change it. I was also told yesterday that the chemo can cause mouth sores, throat sores and stomach sores that might be causing diarrhea frequently. They told me I would have to manage this "rash" until the steroids are over so his body can heal. I am not sure what to pray for-maybe strength to get through this last 6 days-for James and for us. Thanks.


Tracey said...

I am sure that it brings tears to your eyes when you have to change James's diaper. I will be praying today and the next several days specifically for you all and especially James as you deal with this awful rash. We miss you at SonKids! Maybe you can stop by sometime when James is able to be around other people and you have the time to spare.

Much Love and Prayers!

Lorren said...

Corn starch is amazing on diaper rashes! Just sprinkle it on his hiney right out of the box. I'll be praying for the precious boy of yours and his hiney.

Anonymous said...

My heart aches for James and for you both as parents as you have to change his diaper under these circumstances. You and your sweet family are in our prayers. We miss you.
Michelle Adams

Rachel said...

Tobin had a bleeding rash on his bottom when he was on antibiotics. It was probalby nothing like James' but; The ONLY thing that helped was Desitin in the TUB, not tube(with the purple lid)! You have to get it in the pharmacy at walmart(well, by the pharmacy/bath stuff/ in the infant section). It has 40% zinc oxide which helps protects and heal Try it. It's like 10 bucks for the tub, but it's totally worth every penny, and it lasts a while. I'll be praying! Let us know how it goes.