Wednesday, November 21, 2007

So Brave

Thank you so much for your continued prayer. We are "surviving" the steriod stage! Only 13 days left!!!! We had a great visit at the clinic today and instead of 13 hours it was only 7. James' counts were still good so that we can spend Thanksgiving with family. Today he has lots of drugs through his port. It is a very tedious process-first he has zofran(to help with nausea) then a flush, next vincristine then a flush, doxorubicin then a flush, finally pentamidine(antibiotic) and a flush. We ended the day with the second part of his flu shot which did not make him very happy.

I wanted to include some pictures from today. He is such a trooper and has gotten use to the whole process on clinic day.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Anonymous said...

He is a trooper and just seeing him has brought tears to my eyes!!
thanks so much for giving me the opportunity to love on him and adrianne!!! It was my pleasure and look forward to doing it again.
I am so glad to hear his counts are good and you will be spending it with your family. God is sooo gooood!!!
take care and god bless you all and your precious family!!


Linda Novak and family

Lorren said...

Thankful for the news that you can spend Thanksgiving with the fam. Love you guys!

Jana said...

Greg and Joy - we were so happy to hear that you were able to spend the Thanksgiving holiday with family, especially after these last few really difficult days. I hope his positive response to this treatment continues and we pray that relief comes immediately from his pain and discomfort.
Love, Jana

Lea White said...

Caught up on your blog this morning and noticed your entry on the 14th. Our Delayed Intensification phase is the same as yours it seems. We are now sitting at Day 13 of our Delayed Intensification Phase.

Just in the last week Bianca had to complete 6 injections into her leg. They were for Erwinia - which is a different form of asparaginase. Bianca had a reaction the last time she had the Peg Asparaginase and so this time round needed 6 - 1 every second day and every time we needed to wait 3 hours afterwards. Not pleasant.

Your little boy is gorgeous and certainly very very brave!

I will keep you in my prayers and thoughts and hope that the pain and discomfort go away soon.

Do keep well!

Lea White