Saturday, November 3, 2007

I Love Suckers!

Just wanted to give you a quick update and share some pictures. The first one I had to share because he gets so excited about eating suckers. They have a basket in the clinic and he spots them first thing when we get there. On days we have procedures and he can't eat, he will go to anyone who he thinks might give him a sucker. The second picture is one of many where I am trying to get a good one of James and his sister. I was unsuccessful in getting a good one so I included this picture because it was funny.

Update...we will see a liver doctor on Wednesday after our clinic appointment. This weekend James feels good but we are trying our best to keep him fever free because his counts are low. He has this week off from chemo and next week was slated as a week off before the next phase so he will actually have 2 weeks off chemo to get him ready for delayed intensification. Thank you for your continued prayer!

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Michael and Jana said...

You are obviously doing a great job of keeping him healthy. With his ANC that low it would seem that a hospital stay is inevitable. Way to go!

I am praying for the specialist appointment. What great advice from your doctors about who should do the worrying. I will try to remember that myself.