Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Fun at the Clinic

We are back from the clinic and it was a good visit. James ANC(absolute neutrophil count) was 800 which was up from last week. He is still considered neutropenic but we are able to proceed with treatment. Please pray that it stays up so that we have no delay in treatment. James also got his IV antibiotic. While we were there, Junction Jack (the Astros mascot) was visiting and so he came to James' room and signed a stuffed animal and Astros hat for him. James was a little apprehensive but he didn't cry. So for right now, its business as usual. We are beginning to adjust without Nana here. Granny(Greg's mom) has been coming over to help and keep us company. Greg and I are so blessed to have such wonderful families that are so supportive. I am including some pictures from the clinic playroom. James heads straight in there and goes to the kitchen to find the plastic chicken leg to hold on to. He walks around the whole time we are there with it in his hands.

Next week will be a pretty big week--he will have a lumbar puncture, get vincristine, and start steroids again(yeah!). Please continue to keep us in you prayers. We are truly grateful.


stephanie said...

cute the big boy shoes! and of course the chicken leg.

Lorren Havens said...

That chicken leg is cracking me up!