Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Liver Enzymes Back Up

We headed back to the clinic today for what is Day 36 in interim maintenance. We will go through day 50 and then James will get a week to recover before starting his next phase Delayed Intensification. We had a later appointment than usual which meant alot of waiting. They took us back for his IV antibiotics and realized that his port hadn't been accessed. So Grandad and I had to hold him down. The way it was done today broke our usual routine thus James had a harder time. We got the labs and IV medicine and then the doctor came to see him. James had lost some weight since last week but she didn't seem concerned. They only had the preliminary results of his blood work when we left so they called me at home. It turns out that James' neutrophils are 810 which means he is neutropenic. They also found that his liver enzymes were elevated again. Because of this, tonight he didn't get one of his oral chemos. They are going to repeat the blood work next week and also check for hepatitis(they want to rule it out). If they don't get any better we will see a special doctor at MDA.

Prayer requests:
  1. Pray that James' liver enzymes will return to normal and that they will be able to pinpoint the problem.
  2. Pray that his counts remain stable--His neutrophils need to be 1000-1500--if they consistently are lower they will adjust his medicine.
  3. Pray that he will have minimal side effects from all the drugs-He threw up twice on Monday and we are constantly trying to figure out what is wrong.
  4. Pray that James will have a better appetite. I can hardly get him to eat anything!
  5. Pray for Adrianne- she is not sleeping good at all and she wants to be held 24/7 which is especially difficult when James doesn't feel good.
  6. Praise-the results from his LP last week showed no evidence of leukemia in his CSF.

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Lorren said...

Praying for you guys, especially James!